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Solving those work nightmares

October 24, 2018

Work nightmares.  You know the ones.  Those that make you toss and turn at night.  You can’t stop your mind from going a million miles an hour.  Trying to solve problems all night long.

These dreams have been a curse for me for a long time.  A stressful case at work will keep me up all night.  So will urgent deadlines.  An early morning flight will have me dreaming about sleeping through my alarm clock and waking up to a taxi in the driveway!

Worst of all are those dreams where I’m actually making up the problems – real or not.

And in the morning, I wake up feeling tired and stressed instead of refreshed. Continue Reading…


I am the happiest person in the world!

August 30, 2018

Tonight at bedtime my daughter said to me “Mummy, I’m the happiest person in the world, happy, happy, happy!”.

“Why are you so happy?” I asked her.

“Because I have the best Mummy in the whole wide world!”.

Well.  I didn’t expect that one.

I haven’t done anything special.

Thinking back on the day:

  • I made her cry this morning when she was mucking around and we were trying to get out the door.
  • I confiscated her special toy when she refused to put a jumper on.
  • She had to go to after-school care while I worked.
  • Hubby picked her up, made dinner, asked her how her speech went and was generally the primary caregiver for the night.
  • I finally got home after the girls’ dinner, just in time for the Girl Guides run and bedtime.

So what did I do to deserve this?

I was just me.  I gave her cuddles, showed her I loved her and was there to tuck her into bed.  And that was enough.

As much as we feel the guilt of being away from our children, and the tug of that invisible umbilical cord, us Mums need to stop beating ourselves up about our “failures”.

Just being there, being present and in the moment, is enough.

We are enough.  We can be happy.  Right here, right now. Be in the moment.

Take care,


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lifestyle, Parenting

Women can have it all – right?

May 1, 2018

When I set my goals five years ago after the sudden death of my mother in law – goal number one was work less!  Spend more time with my children.  More time playing hairdressers and bouncing on the trampoline and making cakes and reading stories.  Have more “dates” with my husband.

How have I gone with these goals?  Well, right now it feels like I have failed miserably.

We tried to have a lovely family weekend away for our wedding anniversary (major error right there, who would have thought it would be a good idea to take a tween away for our anniversary!).  It was relaxing (caveat the 12-year-old), we had fantastic food and tasted beautiful local wine.  And then on Sunday, the anxiety started.  Anxiety that I had dared to take Friday off work and now I need to catch up (read – bul*shit, I had already done my hours and more before well before Friday – there was no “time off”).  Anxiety about work on Monday and Tuesday and the deadlines that were hitting and the wheels that were starting to fall off. Continue Reading…

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