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Prawn Fishing Finesse

July 19, 2018

As promised we have headed to Lake Taupo, broken arm, sniffly noses, croaky coughs and all. We will get out there these school holidays and WE WILL HAVE FUN!

Luckily for us, at least the weather was lovely for prawn fishing.

So what is prawn fishing?  Well, to start with we are at Huka  Prawn Park on the banks of the Waikato River.  The Park is a working prawn farm.  The tropical prawns are raised in ponds heated with waste geothermal heat (steam) from the geothermal power station next door.   They have added the prawn fishing park and other family activities, as well as a restaurant – a platter of prawns and a cold glass of white wine with a view of the river meandering past anybody?

Accounting 4 Chaos #Hukaprawnpark prawn fishing

Prawn Fishing – this is how it’s done!

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An Accountant’s guide to setting a family budget

July 13, 2018

So I might not win Mother of the Year, and I may not be the world’s biggest blogger, but one thing I do know how to do is set a family budget.

For starters, a family budget is a living breathing thing.  It needs to be set, worked with, reviewed, updated, reviewed again … and so forth.  Yes, strict accounting principles would say you don’t change a budget – if you can’t meet it, you failed and you need to examine why.  And whilst there is a very strong logic behind that rule, this is a family budget, and family needs change.

I have outlined a number of steps below to help you along your budgeting journey.

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A Working Mother’s Guide to Healthy Living on a Shoestring

July 8, 2018

Welcome to Better Budgeting, part of a new section in our blog – a Working Mother’s Guide to healthy living on a shoestring.

With my background as an Accountant, it makes sense for me to share some of the tips and tricks I have learned in the industry, and my experience applying them to the family budget.  This page will be covering ideas for feeding the troops and frugal family fun.  We will also look at the ‘Golden Rules’, saving for a big occasion, entertaining the family and staying fit.  We will look at ways to track your hard earned dollar, and of course – how to keep more of it!

Frugal Family Food

This page will cover frugal family food ideas.  But with a twist.  One of my passions is good quality food on a budget.

To me, the affordability of food is not measured in its cost, but in terms of its value for money in a nutritional sense.  That bulk bag of yesterday’s baked muffins for $2 may seem cheap when you have lunch boxes to full, but the reality is they are unlikely to have significant nutritional value.  Yesterday’s muffins will fill the tummies for a short period of time, and then the kiddies (and husband!) will be asking for more.  In the meantime, they have consumed excess sugar and refined carbohydrates that they probably didn’t need.

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