It’s time for our Happy Ever After!

January 1, 2020

Well, it has been a while. I have been missing in action from my beloved blog since we started renovating last September. We purchased a rental property. We had great intentions of working hard as a family and building our future together.

It was a romantic notion. The reality of six months of renovating was much more stressful.

By Christmas, I hadn’t taken a single day off since the start of September. I was eating terribly. I put on weight and I couldn’t motivate myself to get outside and exercise, my vice to keep my head clear. Every morning I woke up in tears.

Last week one of my key staff members resigned. The reason? Being a Partner in an Accounting firm is no longer her dream. She sees me running around, juggling children, husband and career. She tells me my lifestyle is not what she wants out of life. And she is not the first female to say that to me. It is almost funny – how many strong, intelligent and driven women can I put off actually having a career and a family?

And to top it off. Tonight my 13-year-old daughter threatened to kill herself. Why? Because I said no to her plans for an overseas holiday. I don’t think I need to explain how I felt about this. Needless to say, there were a lot of tears involved.

So, I’ve been missing in action from my blog – but not much has really changed. We are still working, and working, and working. The kids have suffered, likely so has our marriage – although we are miraculously still together!

I think we took on too much… But I am not going to dwell on this. This is not something to think through and plan and plan and plan. It is time to act. Time to take ownership.

Happy ever after starts now

My husband will resign from work next month. It will leave a great big hole in our budget. But it is time to finally be brave and to make the changes in our lives that we have dreamed about for so long.

This is the start of a new journey. My journey as the Breadwinner, with a stay at home husband. Our story of how we will survive giving up $130K a year. But we will fill that hole with family, and with love.

This is our story of Happy Ever After.

March 2019

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