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Blogging failures – when a Technophobe tries to blog!

July 27, 2018

It’s Friday and it’s time to celebrate the weekend!!  Unfortunately, I’m still doing Dry July so I won’t be seeing in the weekend with the traditional Friday night glass of wine (OK, the reality is it’s probably more like a bottle!)

I’ve been back at work this week after our beautiful holiday in Taupo.  Here’s a little snapshot (proper blog to follow shortly):

Accounting 4 Chaos #travelblogging

Miss M and I exploring Taupo whilst Hubby and Miss T are off skiing without us…

I’ve also been a bit quiet on the blogging side.  But truth be told, there is a reason for that!

Blogging Success … and Blacklisting!

I started blogging to give me an “outlet” and to start writing again because it is something I enjoy.  I don’t, however, enjoy the technical part. Unfortunately, I am what you would call a “technophobe”.  Which drives my Hubby crazy.

If you’ve been following my blog you will know it was school holidays in New Zealand, and I had some time off to spend with my daughters.  The day before we headed away for a skiing trip (it’s winter here), we ended up at A&E and my youngest daughter sporting a brand new cast.

Our little A&E visit was a little unfortunate for our planned holidays.  And I chalked it up to [another] parental failure.  Which appeared to resonate with other bloggers.  In fact, I was featured on #blogcrush and I earned my very first badge!  Finally, I had people sharing my work!  The issue?  At the same time, McAfee blacklisted my site!

The reason?  Malware …. apparently.  But my site scan was clean.  So I would have been dumbfounded.  Except that this has happened before.  We had to apply to McAfee to correctly classify my site.  It appears that when we changed from an HTTP to an HTTPS McAfee then required us to log into their site and apply for them to correctly classify my site again.  A process that takes up to five working days, all the time whilst my most popular blog post ever is being circulated – whereas anyone with a McAfee subscription could not read it!

Those d*rn search engines!

On top of that, my theme, which was previously search engine friendly, decided it no longer was, and I’m getting this in my SEO:

Noted – this is VERY BAD.

After a bit of Googling – I realised I needed a new theme. So I’ve purchased a beautiful new theme and (successfully! yay for me!) uploaded it to my site.  However, when I run the preview – my site looks nothing like the theme.  So that will be me this weekend, tinkering with the new theme.

In the meantime – I’ve been a little “disenchanted” with my blog.

Where to from here?

After taking a week away however I realise that I must be making progress because, despite a week of neglect, I am still getting visitors.  I haven’t published or promoted my blog in over a week, but I have not had a single day with no views.  I’ve also been approved for Google Adsense (they clearly don’t use McAfee).  That is absolutely progress!

So I will sit down and work out this theme thing and hopefully, come Monday, my website will be looking all shiny and new and the search engines can start to direct traffic my way once again!  Then, one day soon after that, I may even get Adsense working…

That blog…

Here is a link to my blog post on parenting failures, when things don’t go to plan.

Accounting for chaos #parentalfailures blog failures

I hope you all have a great weekend!


PS here is my first ever badge!


Lucy At Home UK parenting blogger

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