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Prawn Fishing Finesse

July 19, 2018

As promised we have headed to Lake Taupo, broken arm, sniffly noses, croaky coughs and all. We will get out there these school holidays and WE WILL HAVE FUN!

Luckily for us, at least the weather was lovely for prawn fishing.

So what is prawn fishing?  Well, to start with we are at Huka  Prawn Park on the banks of the Waikato River.  The Park is a working prawn farm.  The tropical prawns are raised in ponds heated with waste geothermal heat (steam) from the geothermal power station next door.   They have added the prawn fishing park and other family activities, as well as a restaurant – a platter of prawns and a cold glass of white wine with a view of the river meandering past anybody?

Accounting 4 Chaos #Hukaprawnpark prawn fishing

Prawn Fishing – this is how it’s done!

It was lovely weather for a picnic.  But the thing is, the kids didn’t want to put down their rods to eat, drink, or even to play. They caught the prawn fishing bug!

Our girls and their cousins spent most of the day fishing.  The ‘Dads’ got a little competitive.  My sister and I just enjoyed sitting on the heated seats, feet in a hot water foot bath, with a rod out to catch our tasty prawns.

Accounting 4 Chaos #HukaPrawnFarm #schoolholidayfun prawn fishing

A Prawn

accounting 4 chaos #hukaprawnpark prawn fishing #schoolholidays

accounting 4 chaos #hukaprawnpark prawn fishing #schoolholidays

accounting 4 chaos #hukaprawnpark prawn fishing #schoolholidays

Although not really in the ‘budget family day out’ category, they did have a family pass on offer with up to five children,  so if you have a large family (or extra children), it can work out quite economical for a family day out.  They also allow you to take in your own picnic.

accounting 4 chaos #hukaprawnpark prawn fishing #schoolholidays

Broken wrist, what broken wrist?


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