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Take the Gratefulness Family Challenge

June 5, 2018

This exercise in gratefulness helps me to concentrate on what is good in our lives.  Giving thanks can make you happier and more resilient, it can strengthen relationships and reduce stress.  This Gratefulness Family Challenge does that simply:

Every night at bedtime we each say three things we are grateful for that day.

I love the idea of incorporating gratefulness into our everyday routine – of practising gratefulness every day with our children.

Focusing on what we are grateful for also helps us on our path to minimalism, to get rid of the clutter and to concentrate on what is important to us.



I’ve kicked off this gratefulness challenge with a list of 77 things I am grateful for today:

  1. My children – beautiful, healthy, independent.
  2. My husband – because I get to wake up every morning next to someone I love.
  3. Independence.  The ability to control my own destiny.  For freedom and a future.
  4. Education.  A key to my independence.
  5. Opportunities to travel and to learn and grow.
  6. Gratefulness
  7. Hanging out inside the Grand Canyon
  8. A roof over my head, for having a place to call home.
  9. Back massages that my girls give me – even if they charge me 20c.
  10. New experiences.
  11. Daylight savings – and a cold wine on the deck in the long, warm evenings.
  12. My health.
  13. The outdoors – fresh air and family adventures.Gratefulness
  14. A smile on my daughter’s face.
  15. Sleep ins.
  16. Helping hands, especially pint-sized ones.
  17. Being curled up on the couch with a blanket and a laptop, fire roaring, writing my blog.
  18. My blog – my new creative outlet.
  19. Being a parent – someone once pointed out how shallow our lives were before children – I would have to say it is true for me.
  20. A compliment from a stranger.
  21. Family movie nights, cuddled up on the couch with my children.
  22. The beach, and ice cream on a hot summer day.Gratefulness
  23. Fishing off the wharf with the children.
  24. A long hot bath with a scented candle.
  25. Snuggling up in bed on a rainy, stormy night.
  26. A slow-cooked meal with a good red wine and friends.
  27. Summer BBQs with the kids jumping in the pool.
  28. Slow roasted, homegrown tomatoes for breakfast – the best!  I look forward to these all year.
  29. A beautiful sunset.
  30. Getting the girls out of bed early and snuggling up outside with a blanket to watch the sunrise.Gratefulness
  31. Saturday morning sport – and yelling encouragement from the sideline.
  32. A summer picnic.
  33. Fish and chips at the beach with a bottle of rose’.
  34. My favourite new restaurant.
  35. An early morning run.
  36. Yoga
  37. Old photos.
  38. Crunching autumn leaves and stomping on frosty grass.
  39. Laughing until I cry.
  40. Loud music in my car on the way home.
  41. My “I don’t need a pushchair anymore” car – my independence, my treat.
  42. Long family lunches at wineries.
  43. My parents who made me who I am, who worked to give us what they didn’t have.
  44. My father who fought to stay with us, despite the pain.
  45. Siblings, and the ability to debate even as adults.
  46. Rock n Roll music.
  47. The people that are there to pick me up when I fall over.  The support they give us when we need it most.
  48. The stars – to ground me wherever I am in the world.
  49. My grandparents who fought in the World War for our freedom, and those that kept everything going at home.
  50. Time to myself.  To breathe and to stay still.
  51. Being given the opportunity to grow, to learn from my mistakes.
  52. Kind strangers – who make my life so much better when I am away from home.
  53. Great coffee shops, especially the surprising little treasures (and TripAdvisor for helping me find the surprising little treasures when I am on the road!).
  54. Life.  For giving me the chance to experience everything I am experiencing.
  55. Cuddles.
  56. Clean fresh sheets and my comfortable bed.
  57. Long coffee dates with my best friends while the kids play.
  58. Date night.
  59. A peach tree loaded with peaches, particularly the peach tree my mother grew for me from a peach pip.
  60. Fresh air – mountain biking – a sense of accomplishment!
  61. Good night stories (snuggled in bed with my children).
  62. Advances in cancer treatment.  I had to go to a Neurologist for a checkup and we ended up discussing my father’s cancer.  The advances in cancer treatment mean it would have been a completely different diagnosis these days. It’s bittersweet but I am grateful that others will be given a chance to live.
  63. Campfires.  Cooking smores with my children.Gratefulness
  64. Children laughing.  When I’m old and tired, I can only hope that someone will take me down to the playground to sit where I can listen to the children’s laughter.
  65. The sea.  I grew up listening to the sound of the waves crashing at night time.  This is the sound of home, wherever I am.
  66. Ugg boots (sheepskin slippers).
  67. Getting stuck into a good book.
  68. Wine and cheese nights.
  69. Christmas rituals with my children – choosing and decorating the tree, visiting the lights, the parades, making Christmas cake.  The smell of a real Christmas tree.
  70. Snowball fights.
  71. Bird-song in the morning.
  72. Snoozing in the hammocks in the trees at the beach.
  73. Waking up at the bach – watching the waves crash from bed.
  74. Kisses at the end of texts.
  75. Chocolate.
  76. Helping people.  Because we all need to give back to the society that gives us so much.
  77. For not having to worry about where my next meal will come from.
  78. A leisurely stroll on a long summer’s evening.
  79. Memories.  Of love.  Of loss.  Precious memories are the only things I have of loved ones lost.


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